Useful websites

Out and about in Brussels

Brussels practicalities

Ville de Bruxelles
Official website of the Brussels Capital Region

Travelling around in Brussels
Public works projects in Brussels
Public transport (bus, tram and metro)
Villo (cycle hire)
Cambio (car sharing)
Brussels Airport (Zaventem)
Rubbish collection in Brussels
Questions about gas and electricity in Brussels?
Reducing pollution and consumption 
Academic research on Brussels
Pharmacists on duty
Doctors on call 
Children in hospital 
Brussels for people with a handicap

Brussels for expatriates (Brussels) our own website

Social and economic information

Brussels Enterprises Commerce and Industry 
Brussels Enterprise Agency
Brussels Agency for Urban Development  
Brussels Agency for Regional Development 
Brussels Meeting Center 
Job hunting 
Brussels Centre for Research into Health and Wellbeing 
Brussels Centre for Research into Sustainable Consumption 

Useful telephone numbers

Police 101
Fire brigade / Ambulance 100
European  emergency number  112
Poisons advice centre 070 245 245
National telephone enquiries  1307
International telephone enquiries 1304
Bank card stop 070/344 344