Survival guide for newcomers in Brussels

To assist newcomers on their journey of discovery, Europe.Brussels has written a Survival Guide for Newcomers. You can pick up this free guide at the Europe.Brussels Liaison Office (one per person) or download the PDF version.

What is the 'pentagon'? And where is 'Mont des Arts? What's the difference between Ixelles and Elsene? Does it really rain every day?

Brussels is not a straightforward city. To assist newcomers on their journey of discovery, Europe.Brussels has written a Survival Guide for Newcomers: basic knowledge that helps you to get a better feel for the city and plumb its depths. We provide explanations of several typical Brussels notions and odd habits, things you will only see and hear in this city. This handbook will help you to avoid confusion and despair, chat easily with the neighbours and effortlessly impress visitors.

The guide is in three languages (EN, FR, NL) and will be on sale in bookshops for 6.99 euro, but can also be picked up free at the Europe.Brussels Liaison Office (one per person). What are you waiting for?







  • The Pentagon / Is it a secret code? A building?
  • Villo  / What's yellow and gets you through the traffic in record time?
  • Madame Pipi / Who cleans the toilets?
  • Leopold II / And then He created Brussels
  • Metro DJ / Who chooses the tracks in the Brussels metro?
  • Exotic plumage / No, you weren't dreaming; there really was a bright green parakeet sitting in that tree
  • Melting pot / Are you a 'zinneke' or a 'ketje'?
  • Parking 58 / The panoramic car park
  • Cambio / A car when you need it
  • Canal / Crossing the water
  • Arsène 50 / Culture on a budget
  • The Institutional maze / Who does what in Brussels?
  • Mont des Arts / Get high on culture
  • The European Quarter / Europe in Brussels
  • Brusselsicious / What's on the menu?
  • Art in the Metro / 'Come and live in the forest/Building land for sale/with a permit to cut down the trees'
  • Urban myths / 'It's easier to spilt an atom than break down a prejudice' (Albert Einstein)
  • Protesting / If you're angry about something, come to Brussels
  • Room to let / Tell me where you live and I'll tell you who you are
  • Brussels Court House / Architecture for a Cyclops
  • Football / Supporting a Brussels team