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Welcome to the 751 members of the European Parliament!         

Brussels and the European Parliament warmly welcome the new members of parliament! The Europe.Brussels Welcome Desk is ready and waiting for them! There are 28 nationalities in the new parliament, of which Germany (96), France (74), Italy (73) and the United Kingdom (73) have the most members.


Malta, Luxemburg, Cyprus and Estonia have the most modest delegations (6). The elected members are aided in their work by about 2500 parliamentary assistants.


The reception of the members started on 27 May, with stands in all the EU languages, and lasts until 27 June, with practical and administrative guidance and a proper One-Stop Shop to help the members find their way around in the European Parliament.


Europe.Brussels will also be there for a month to familiarise the members with the Brussels Capital-Region and to give sound advice on all sorts of practical and administrative matters.


Meet a Brusseleer @ Les Apéros Urbains 

Want to get to know some new people? Les Apéros Urbains is the perfect occasion to have a chat and a drink with Brussels people, whether they are Belgians or expats. This drink and get together takes place every Friday evening from May to September in special or unexpected places in Brussels. The ideal time to get a taste of the varied and multicultural capital.


You will find the calendar and more information about the various locations on the website of Les Apéros Urbains.


Les Apéros Urbains, from May to September, at various venues in Brussels. Read more.



Keeping your kids busy in the summer 

The holidays are almost here and you are looking for activities for your children. Our helpdesk can give you some tips!


  • Go to, a site with a search engine that will help you easily find all the courses in Brussels for children from 2 to 18. You can make a choice depending on your child’s age, type of activity and even the borough!
  • Contact your commune's youth department. They organise play, sports and cultural activities at suitable locations and take responsibility for looking after your child, all at very affordable prices!

Your stay in Brussels: 2 x 10 tips! 

Are you the spouse or partner of an international civil servant in Brussels? Our helpdesk explains in twice ten steps how to take up residence and become part of the city, with a particular focus on the development of your own professional activity.


Here are five points not to forget:


  • Make sure you have legal residency in Belgium, via your local authority or via the international institution.
  • If necessary apply for a work permit.
  • Once you begin working enrol in a health insurance organisation.
  • Don’t forget to pay your taxes and fill in your tax form.
  • If you have a car, definitely don’t forget to register the number-plate correctly.

You can see the full list of tips or the Prezi presentation here.

Our suggestions

Daily life in Brussels during the Great War      

Imagine: Brussels in 1914! The Museum of the City of Brussels is holding an exhibition about daily life in Brussels during the First World War that shows you how this conflict was experienced by the two sides involved. You will find out not only about the everyday lives of Brussels people, but also of the inhabitants of major German cities.


Brussels city council is at the same time offering concerts, conferences, plays, films and publications and has designed a separate website specially for the exhibition.


And you definitely should not forget that admission to the museum is free every first Sunday in the month.


Free tickets: Europe.Brussels is offering 5 double tickets. Take part in the competition!


’14-18, Brussels goes German’, from 21 August to 31 December, Museum of the City of Brussels. Read more.


Flower carpet on the Grand‘Place 

An explosion of summer colours that reveal… a Persian carpet: the annual flower carpet on the Grand’Place in Brussels will soon be here again for a whole weekend. The Persian carpet was inspired by this year’s theme: the 50th anniversary of Turkish immigration to Belgium.


Our tip: on 14 August you can watch the laying out of this impressive artwork, on the spot or through the city council’s webcam, which takes less than 24 hours. It is made up of one million begonias, is 77 metres long and 24 metres wide and is laid out by 120 volunteers. They follow the motifs on a huge perforated plastic sheet and ultimately bring a huge and marvellous design to life.


Flower carpet, from 14 to 17 August, Grand’Place in Brussels. Read more.


‘The Summer of Photography’!  

The Summer of Photography’ is an international biennale of photography and related media. This year the main theme is gender.


Visitors can choose from, among other things, the following exhibitions: ‘Woman: The Feminist Avant-Garde from the 1970s’, which encourages debate on contemporary male-female relations; ‘Where we eat’, an exhibition on female African art. ‘The Belgian Six’ by The Word in its turn presents the work of 6 young and promising Belgian photographers.


The 35 partners focus on photography and take a look at the visual culture of the future. The programme stimulates cultural exchange between European member states in a global context.


The Summer of Photography, from 18 June to 31 August, BOZAR. Read more.

Recyclart Holidays Festival: a bit of everything!  

BBQ by bike, a screening of a football match, baking your own bread and even an international concert. The Recyclart Holidays Festival is a mixture of neighbourhood activities and a whole load of other things in the centre of Brussels.


Recyclart is based literally underneath the Brussels-Kapellekerk station and in this festival offers a wide range of neighbourhood activities, social cohesion projects, films (indoors and outdoors), concerts and lots more.


The festival lasts six to seven weeks and is always on Thursdays and Fridays. The Thursdays are generally more festive, while the Fridays are focused on days off.


Free tickets: Europe.Brussels is offering 3 double tickets for a show of your choice on Friday 2 May. Take part in the competition.


Recyclart Holidays Festival, from 26 June to 1 August, every Thursday and Friday. Recyclart. Read more.


100% fun at the South Fair

Roller-coasters, sickly-sweet candyfloss and hilarious halls of mirrors. From 13 July to 18 August the largest annual Brussels fair opens its doors in the South district!


The South Fair has existed since 1885 and has more than 150 food stands plus spectacular and more traditional fairground attractions such as shooting galleries, but also the big wheel, the hilarious cakewalk and the merry-go-round. In any case, you will definitely find an attraction to suit you; for children, families and reckless daredevils.


Our tips: this year, the opening show on 13 July will be given by the Brussels Circus School and will include dizzying tightrope acts and the musicians of the Brussels Police Force Band and the Fairground Brass Band. And on 17 and 18 August you pay prices reduced by 20 to 40%.


The South Fair, from 13 July to 18 August, on Boulevard du Midi, between the Porte de Hal and Porte d’Anderlecht. Read more.


Kids and kidsgazette: on the beach!   

Every Saturday at ‘Brussel Bad’, 'Bruxelles les bains': creative workshops for accompanied children of six and over. Play is the main element, of course, but it is joined by water, earth, fire and wind, and all with Kidsgazette.


The children make their own toys, such as a weathervane, a flute, a kazoo, a boat and lots more. And every week a well-known person from the Brussels culture scene helps the children create something with them.


The Museum of Science Natural, the BELvue Museum, Coudenberg, the Atomium, the Wolf, to name just a few, open up a new world for the youngsters in sometimes quite unusual workshops.


Don’t hesitate to bring bamboo, cardboard and all sorts of recyclable material to make a packet boat together and to build huts for ‘Brussel Bad’!


Kidsgazette & Patrimoine à roulettes, every Saturday from 5 July to 9 August, from 1 to 6 pm. Read more.


You will find ideas for outings with children every week on the Kidsgazette Facebook page.


Free open-air cinema: ‘Bruxelles fait son cinéma   

The free annual film event ‘Bruxelles fait son cinéma’ presents no less than 11 free films in the open-air between 9 and 19 July, and that in 11 Brussels boroughs. At the same time it’s the perfect opportunity to get to know various different parts of Brussels better.


The programme includes “Les garçons et Guillaume, à table” by and starring Guillaume Gallienne and “La marche” by Nabil Ben Yadir, with Jamel Debbouzze. The Mediterranean snacks served as from 9.30 pm are not to be sneezed at either.


Bruxelles fait son cinéma, from 9 to 19 July, at various venues in Brussels. Read more.

La Fiesta Latina!   

Sultry rhythms, spicy snacks and Mediterranean sounds. At the end of August, Brussels will once again be falling for the charms of the Fiesta Latina Festival.


It’s already the 12th of these Latino festivals. It’s on in the Bois de la Cambre from 22 to 24 August. With typical Latino markets, concerts, parties with Latino DJs and summery outdoor cafés, like every other year.


The programme is not yet entirely complete, but will be published on the website and Facebook page asap.


Fiesta Latina Festival, from 22 to 24 August, Carrefour d’Attelages, Bois de la Cambre. Read more.