The Europe.Brussels Liaison Office organizes regularly information sessions. We are constantly looking for relevant partners, current topics and exciting speakers. These sessions are open to all.

Topics covered in 2012:

  • Brussels allowances and insulation

May 21 at 7 pm in the premises of Europe.Brussels. The Europe.Brussels Liaison Office, in collaboration with the Urban Center, organizes an information session in English on allowances in the Brussels region and on the insulation. What are these aids and what are their characteristics? Who can benefit from it? For what kind of work? And under which conditions? Public authorities have a range of financial incentives for individuals to encourage them to renovate their home and save energy. The remainder of the session will be devoted to tips and tricks to better insulate your home.

  • How to open your business in Brussels?

April 24 in the premises of Europe.Brussels. Atrium, the Brussels agency for urban development in association with Europe.Brussels organized an information session in English on "how to open your business in Brussels." The issues discussed were the following: What are the steps to take? What are the conditions and limitations? How to find the financing? How to draw up a business plan? How to turn your idea into a project? How to find the location? The evening was followed by a Walking Dinner. Participants were given the opportunity to share their ideas with counselors of Atrium.

The themes discussed in 2011:

  • On September 14, Europe.Brussels organized an 'After Summer Cocktail Reception for Europe's Regions and Cities' in collaboration with the Brussels-Europe pressclub. Johannes Hahn, European Commissioner for Regional Policy, and Jean-Luc Vanraes Brussels Minister of Foreign Affairs also attended.
  • On May 16 and September 26, Europe.Brussels, in collaboration with Unizo Brussels, organized two sessions of information in English on "How to start your business in Brussels?" . The following questions were discussed: What are the conditions? What taxes to pay? How to get help? Where to borrow?
  • On April 6, Europe.Brussels, in collaboration with ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability, oragnized a “Breakfast@ Sustainability 's” with the following theme, the organization of sustainable events and meetings. The objective was to increase the "greenness" in conferences and meetings in Brussels. For this occasion, a guide filled with practical and sustainable advices was specially designed. Download the guide.

In the past, the Europe.Brussels Liaison Office organized several information sessions entitled ID Workshop.

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