Origin and tasks

The Europe.Brussels Liaison Office (Europe.Brussels) was founded in 1991 by the government of Brussels Region.

In June 2011 Europe.Brussels celebrated its 20th Birthday. Click here to see the photos.

Its aim is to promote the image of Brussels as capital of Europe and seat of key European institutions while at the same time informing residents of the important role played by Europe in the well-being and prosperity of the Region.

To achieve these two goals, Europe.Brussels is charged with the following tasks:

  • Emphasising the welcome offered by Brussels Region as capital of Europe. This is achieved by offering administrative and practical assistance to people who settle in Brussels Region to work with European or international organisations. 
  • Seeking to resolve practical and institutional problems that individuals and organisations meet when they move to Brussels. The aim is to change attitudes and administrative procedures at all levels of government, whether federal, regional or municipal.
  • Encouraging Europeans and local Brussels residents to meet one another, so that Europeans feel a Brussels identity and Brussels residents feel a European identity. 
  • Inform local residents about European ideals and help them to understand how Brussels benefits from its role as capital of Europe. In practise, this means launching information campaigns aimed at young people, organising debates in cooperation with the municipal authorities and playing an active role in events designed to bring Europe closer to the citizen, such as the open door days organised by the European institutions.
  • Encouraging Europeans to play an active role in the social and cultural life of Brussels by stimulating them to take part in local activities and vote in municipal elections.
  • Welcoming staff who come to Brussels to work for regional and city offices, as well as providing assistance in settling in Brussels.
  • Advising the government of Brussels Region in any initiative that touches on the European role of Brussels.