Driving licence

Belgian driving licence

You have to be 18 years old and in possession of a valid driving licence to drive in Belgium. For more information on the Belgian driving licence, click here (information available in French, Dutch and German). The Belgian driving licence is issued by the municipality where you live or (in the case of diplomats) by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

European driving licence

Driving licences from most other European countries are valid in Belgium. They no longer have to be exchanged for a Belgian licence. However, it is advisable to register your national licence with the driving licence department in your local town hall in case of loss or theft.

Non-European driving licence

Belgium has signed an agreement with most non-EU countries which allows foreign residents to exchange their national driving licence for a Belgian licence, as long as they are registered with in a municipality. The formalities are carried out by the driving licence service in their local town hall. The following documents are required:

  • in some case, a translation into French or Dutch of the national driving licence by a sworn translator;
  • a document showing that the licence holder was resident for at least six months in the issuing country at the time the licence was granted.

Most non-EU countries have signed a driving licence exchange agreement with Belgium. Those from countries that have not granted reciprocal arrangements are required to pass the Belgian driving test. This involves both theoretical and practical tests. But they may be granted an exemption from mandatory driving lessons if the police declare that the driving licence is authentic.

More information

For further information on driving licences, contact the driving licence service (Service Permis de Conduire) in your local town hall, or the Federal Mobility and Transport Administration, rue du Progrès, 1210 Brussels, tel. 02 277 31 11 (www.mobilit.fgov.be).